Runners Performance



Carl Loera, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist with over 35 years of experience. In addition for his love of physical therapy, he is a long time runner, athlete and running coach who holds certifications with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and the USA Track and Field Association (USATF). Dr. Loera has a background in injury prevention and rehabilitation of runners and athletes.


  • Certified Running Coach, RRCA
  • Certified Running Coach, USATF
  • Special Certification in Middle and Long distance running, USATF
  • Special Certification in Cross Country Training, USATF
  • Volunteer Coach through the local USATF track team “Tri-City Thunder”
  • Volunteer Coach for Cross Country at Pasco High School, Pasco

Running Training Services

  • Custom Orthotics
  • Video Running Analysis
  • Proper Running form instruction
  • Cadence instruction
  • Running Injury prevention and treatment
  • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®
  • Personal Running Coaching Available
    • 5K (3 miles)
    • 10K (6 miles)
    • 1/2 Marathon (13 miles)
    • Full Marathon (26 miles)